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Consistency is Key

And we’re here to support you, this time with more accountability from your very own coach and community. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you’re not
alone in the journey? And that you’re doing it with people who, like you, are also striving to become healthier, fitter, and happier. You know what they say,
do it alone and you’ll go fast. Do it together, and you’ll go far.


The Achievers Program is best for you if you want to:

  • keep your momentum.
  • Create a lifestyle that actually supports you in becoming a healthier person.
  • Perform best when surrounded by others.

But what if you’re still a beginner - as in you haven’t started anything yet?

Well, that’s fine. The only question is if you are ready and want to commit to something long-term for yourself. If your answer is yes, we’d be very happy to welcome you to this program.

You’ll only be able to maximise the program if

  • You will commit to the process
  • Put in 100% effort (yes, not 50%)

We just to let you know that this program is for people who are dedicated to working on their health. And hey, look at you. You’re here reading this - a sign of dedication, someone who’s looking for the best possible option for their health.

The only thing we want is for you to show up for yourself.


We Move as One

One reason why it's so hard to sustain healthy habits is because you’re on your own.
You don’t have to do it alone. We do it together.

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What exactly will you get from this program?


1-on-1 Consultation with a Coach (Valued at $298)

Guided by specialised questions to formulate the most fitting and efficient strategies for your goals. This strategic planning is powerfully designed to help you transform your body, mind, and spirit.

Personalised implementation plan (Valued at $195)

Hosted in our Members Hub where you’ll have access to the exact workouts to achieve your desired goals. You’ll be shown how to use the Members Hub while we onboard you into your program.

Access to Members Hub (Valued at $995)

Access to the Members Hub for the duration of your program which you can visit for new and exciting fitness programs as you reach each level of your growth journey. The Members Hub has over 100 workouts to choose from and growing every day.

Performance Tracking (Valued at $195)

Helps you stay focused on your goals or objectives, and prevents you from missing a session. You’ll be provided with a weekly Scorecard tool so you and your coach can track your progress and performance together.

Weekly Group Accountability Coaching (Valued at $1,195)

To help you stay focused on achieving your goals and outcomes. Every week, we host a live workshop for our Members where they can share their scorecards, share wins and have open discussions.

Guided 12-week Program (Valued at $1,299)

Get a guided 12-week program that introduces you to the health and wellness space. This will help you begin shifting habits in all areas of health such as sleep, nutrition, meal preparation, training, recovery, stress, habits, and much more.

BONUS: Specialist Strategy Review (Valued at $495)

Want to achieve success in areas of your life? Our team of Expert Coaches can help you in the fields of performance, mindset, relationship, lifestyle, business, and career. Receive a complimentary audit that aims to enhance any area of your life if you see fit.

BONUS: Private Support Group (Valued at $195)

Including 12 months of access. Join a community of like-minded people growing and helping others enhance the quality of their lives. Don't let your environment hold you back – let it help drive your life to new heights.

BONUS: Health Dynamics Test

Identify which of the 10 body types you have so you can find your natural path to maximise your energy and minimise your stress. You will also discover

  • which foods to eat and which to avoid
  • the most natural way to get fit, stay healthy and sleep well
  • how to naturally lose or gain weight
  • what conditions affect your health and why.

BONUS: Welcome Pack!

Well, it’s a surprise!


Total Program Value: $5,682 total value

Get ALL of them for only $995 upfront or
12 x weekly payments of:

$95 per week


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“I have never gotten results like these from any other trainer I have worked with and for that I am beyond thankful for The Realm for getting me back into something I really love.”
James Gutierrez



Hi I’m James Gutierrez

As a current client of The Realm, I can assure you The Realm is the most loyal and genuine trainer I have ever worked with and without a doubt the best personal trainer you will find.

Whether you are bulking up or slimming down, trying to improve your health or strength, The Realm has the background knowledge and the commitment to help you succeed.

I have been training with The Realm for just over a year now and just in this short time I have rapidly improved my knee/ankle injuries which took me out of training for months, I have never gotten results like these from any other trainer I have worked with and for that I am beyond thankful for The Realm for getting me back into something I really love.

The Realm not only understands the science of personal training but they also understands the science of motivation. When you feel like you can't keep going, The Realm seems to always know how to get you there.

No matter what your fitness goals are, I am more than certain The Realm will be more than able to help you get there and be with you every step of the journey. The Realm is some-one without a doubt I give a 10/10 and I am more than happy to continue to train with him and keep on reaching further goals of mine.


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