Five ways to Accelerate your Weight Loss Journey

by: Cam

Five ways to Accelerate your Weight Loss Journey



Hi Fitness Warriors!


Have you always wanted the quick and easy fit too all your problems? If you’re just getting started on your health and fitness journey, working out exactly what to do can be a daunting task. At CC8, we understand that this is sometimes the case - that’s why our online community is here to provide you with the support and encouragement you need to stay motivated and reach your goals. Here are my five top tips to kick start and accelerate your weight loss journey.




Sometimes amongst the hustle and bustle of life, we forget the simple things. One crucial, usually forgotten item is water. Staying hydrated is so important to ensure your body has the concentration and energy it needs to get on with the day and there are so many benefits! Water assists in boosting your metabolism and helps your body cleanse itself of waste. Not only that, but it also helps increase your ability to focus and promotes awareness of your surroundings. Drinking water helps your body flush out all the negative components and toxins that keep your body feeling heavy and retaining weight. I would recommend at least 2.5 - 3L of water each and every day. If you’re not a huge drinker of water and this looks like a struggle - never fear! Have a look at your fortnightly ‘Food Game’ goals (you can read more about this on our earlier blog), and simply increase your water intake by one glass at a time. There are also some pretty great products available, including water bottles that benchmark your hourly intake to keep you accountable even from your office!


If you want to work out exactly how much water you should be drinking, have a look at some online water intake calculators (I recommend this one:




I think we have all been guilty at times of scoffing down our dinner in a rush to get out of the house to our next activity, or eating your favorite meal so quickly because it’s just too delicious. What you probably didn’t realise is that by not pacing yourself and eating quickly, you are actually negatively impacting your weight loss potential. Eating slowly helps to improve your digestion as it accelerates the process of breaking down your foods (therefore resulting in less bloating and improved digestion!). You’ll also feel more satisfied with your meals, by giving yourself time to actually enjoy what you’re eating, feeling ‘full’ sooner. Ultimately, the end result is that you end up eating less and feeling more satisfied - what could be better!


Strategies to help you eat slower can include:


  • Pace yourself off the slowest eater in the room;
  • Eat at the table where you can focus on your meal (and the people around you) rather than in front of the TV. Engaging in conversation helps to slow down the pace of a meal, and engage with those you love;
  • Drink water while you’re eating (it assists your digestion and is a good distraction from eating)!


Whatever works for you, take the time to enjoy the food you’re eating, rather than powering through your dish.





Cams Crazy 8’s sessions are specifically designed to optimise your results in a short amount of time. With no equipment needed, it will increase your core strength as well as your power to weight ratio. In our 8 minute sessions, we have used specific training techniques, including blood shunting, HIIT and Tabata training in order to design workouts with several health benefits. These benefits include:


  • Boosting your metabolic rate for hours after exercise;
  • Lowering blood sugar;
  • Lowering blood pressure;
  • FAT BURN; and
  • Muscle toning.


My clients have used these techniques for a number of years and results show that the calories burned in these 8 minute sessions, if done correctly, can be more than those burned in a standard 30-minute session!




Making sure you maximise your workouts is essential. Nutrition is a major part in optimising this. Whether you’re like me and enjoy training early in the morning, or a night time exercise routine is more your style, these steps can be employed whenever you work out.


If you train in the morning, like me, don’t eat before you do your 8 minute CC8 session. I would recommend if you are doing a session within 12 - 14 hours of having dinner, not to eat beforehand and have a coffee instead. While you sleep, your body naturally fasts and therefore does not have as many carbohydrates to produce energy. The body therefore turns to fat as its energy source. It’s also important to stay hydrated, so keep drinking water throughout the day and especially before, during and after your workouts.


Coffee can be an incredible tool, not just to power through life, but to power through your workout. When coffee (preferably black coffee), is consumed before exercise, fat cells are used as an energy source rather than glycogen. The high amounts of caffeine in coffee also assists in increasing your metabolism, causing your body to burn more calories throughout the day.


After your workout, try to have a high protein and healthy fat dense meal about 1-2 hours after your session. This will help refuel the body and restore the muscles. For example, a good fat dense meal would be eggs and avocado or salmon.

If you’re someone who prefers an evening workout, try to have a coffee around 30-60 minutes before you’re due to start. A good nutritious meal should also be eaten about 1-2 hours before and 1-2 hours after.




Meal portioning is a significant weakness for newcomers to the health and fitness world. Are you eating large meals and never being able to lose the weight? Or are you trying to eat less and not supplying your body with sufficient nutrients and vitamins to assist you in losing the weight as a result? Our next blog will have all the answers based specifically on your body type (and what will work for you personally)!


These five simple strategies will go such a long way to shaping your attitude towards your health and fitness (and keep yourself accountable).


Just remember: Stay strong against food temptation, stay motivated to continue your routine and stay connected to your future self! Keep checking back in to the Cam’s Crazy 8s member’s forums, blogs and workouts to stay up to date on all things fitness, health and wellbeing. Our community at CC8 is here to support you and your goals to ensure you stay on track to become the best version of yourself you can be!