How To Be Mindful Of Your Eating Habits

by: Cam

Date: 16 Feb 2023


Your emotions, state of mind and everyday habits, intrinsically link with the foods you consume in your day to day lives – we like to eat when we are celebrating, happy or sad; we eat when we want to be social, or when we want to simply give our body the energy it needs for the day. Being mindful and aware of our environments and habits is a great starting point to understanding the who, what, why, when and where of food (think of it as the 5W’s of food).

Everything starts with mindfulness

Each and every meal has a purpose – find yours in each! Now, don’t get me wrong, we can have bad habits when it comes to food but this blog is not about changing these; it’s about being aware and understanding of our eating habits. Ask yourself: why am I eating this?

This can be impacted by any number of things – your daily routine may guide the times you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. This is important because sticking to a ‘food routine’ can help you plan and understand exactly why you make the nutritional choices you do which simplifies the process of change when it comes time.

Close your eyes for me and think back to the food you’ve eaten today (or yesterday). Why did you eat breakfast at that time and why did you specifically eat what you had? Did you eat that because of nutritional value, because you felt like it or just because it is a lifelong habit? How did this specific food make you feel afterwards? I want you to try to think about those questions each time you plan, prepare and consume a meal.

A few example questions might be

Being mindful of why we make the food choices we do will help to understand why we make the choices we do. When it comes to food, know exactly how to make more nutritional decisions, without being stuck in our old unhealthy habits – take into consideration, how this food will impact you after its consumed, whether it may be a bloating or full feeling, burst of energy, tiredness or even satisfaction. Breaking down the process can implement the importance of being mindful when planning your food regime. 

Positive environment, Positive mind 

Food is a very social thing – we like to go out and Instagram our brunch, take friends and family to our favorite cafe’s and restaurants or simply fit in a quick and nutritious lunch between meetings with our colleagues. Because of this social aspect, it is important that we share our position on food with those we interact with – the power of social accountability! This isn’t just limited to when we eat out, but when we cook at home for our families or just for ourselves.

Eating a meal always has a reason; whether you’re hungry, bored or just feel like you need to – there is no wrong answer. But, by being aware of this, you can understand how to keep yourself accountable and aware about the nutritional choices you make.

Mindful eating will go such a long way to shaping your ability to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet. Just remember: Stay strong against, stay motivated to workout even after a long day and stay connected to your goals! 

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